Bambi Brooks in Breaking Bambi

Bambi Brooks in Breaking Bambi

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Scene One: Parenting 101

How do you not have any plans for your life Cory asks her bratty daughter. She just bailed Bambi out of jail and Cory is fed up. I don’t care Bambi tells her mom. If she doesnt care then Cory is going to make her a prostitute. You’re kidding right? Bambi laughs.

Cory grabs the small girl by the hair and shoves her to the ground. With a soft voice Cory wonders if she learned anything in jail. Were going to teach you to suck some dick with that cute little smile Cory says. She calls in her husband in to fuck the little girls whiny mouth. With a look of shock Bambi’s parents make her suck cock. This isn’t right daddy She pleads, stripped of her clothes and her mouth used like a whore. He cums in her mouth and makes her swallow him before ordering her to take a shower and think about sucking cock.

Scene Two: Contraband

Cory looks through her daughter’s expensive purse only to find birth control pills. So you think you can just have sex with whoever you want Cory yells. I don’t know what we are going to do with you How did Cory raise such a little whore! Cory calls in her husband and tells him the bad news. I just like to have sex Bambi argues with her parents.

If your going to act like an adult I think we need to treat you like an adult The dad says, grabbing his slutty girl and pulling off her clothes. Bambi tries to get him to stop but he fucks her anyway. Dad please stop, please don’t do this you’re my dad! She pleads. Pretend like your enjoying it He commands her. Dad! She yells as he grabs her neck and cums inside her tight little pussy. He leaves her fucked on the couch, like the whore she is.

Scene Three: Backing Bambi

Bambi finds herself tied up in a dark room. I can’t believe this is happening, I don’t want to be a prostitute she says to herself. Her dad walks into the room telling her she has no choice but to be a prostitute. With her tied to the floor he pulls down her panties and pushes his way inside.

She whimpers softly into the rug as her dad takes her from behind, slapping her ass and riding her. He kisses her face as she pants, out of breath and exhausted. Finally she breaks, her will to fight gone, and she welcomes being used. With her pussy full of cum she slides up her panties and puts on her shirt, falling to the ground and weeping at being a slut.

Scene Four: First gig

Happy to serve her parents, Bambi is dressed and ready for her first client. You sit on a chair and watch as this nervous little girl stands in front of you. This is my first time Bambi tells you, slowly striping off her clothes. She knows what she has to do to please the client and gets to her knees. She sucks you off as best she can, knowing how displeased her dad will be with her if she fails.

Getting up she knows what you really want. She oils her body and lays on the bed so you can fuck her from behind. You pull her hair as she bounces against you, her moaning, only fucking to please you. She is the fantasy of every man, the innocent little slut.

Bambi turns around and sucks your cock, tasting herself on your cock and worshiping you. You can use every part of this hot little whore. Bambi gets on her back and looks into your eyes while your cock slides in and out of her wet hot pussy.

You paid for it, so this is about your pleasure. She gets on top of you and rides you, letting her do all the work. You grab her little breasts in you hand as she moans and bounces on you hard and fast. When you’re ready to cum she puts herself between your legs, jerking and licking you. She needs you to cum on her face. She needs you to humiliate and use her. She needs you to tell her pimp parents what a good job she’s doing. You cum all over her cute face and she uses her fingers to drink every last drop. Thank you for my first time She says. She finally found her plan for life.




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