Weekends At Grandpas # 4

Weekends At Grandpas # 4

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Amy Faye Just Loves To ‘Sit’ In Grandpa’s Lap!

Taboo Sex With Grandpa Taking Advantage Of Young Girls!

Amy Faye After an awesome time with my Uncle and getting some insight I decided to visit Grandpa to get help with my trip. Grandpa was warm and welcoming when I arrived at his condo in the city unannounced. After some small talk I could tell Grandpa wasn’t paying attention to my words so I pitched my deal and made my move. At first it seemed he wasn’t going to take my offer but when my hand closed around his cock Grandpas attitude changed. By the time his cock was in my mouth Grandpa was agreeing with whatever I wanted. We started fucking soon after and it was so hot Grandpa didn’t last long. I think I’m going to have to fuck him again though. I can’t stop thinking of his big cock.

Audrey Grace Not long after things heated up between me and Uncle Phil he went away with Daddy for the weekend. While they were away Grandpa was staying at the house to make sure I was ok. When I left for my party I was sure he’d be asleep when I got back but lucky for me I was wrong. Grandpa was wide awake when I came stumbling in at like 2 in the morning and plopped down next to him. The drinks had me super horny and since Grandpa was the only man around I came on to him pretty strong. Before I knew it we were fucking on the couch like a couple of sex crazed college freshmen. Grandpa made me feel so good it almost didn’t phase me when he exploded inside me. What’s the worst that can happen?

After the night with grandpa I was a little embarrassed but also very horny so I went into the bedroom to ‘apologize’. Grandpa assure me everything was fine between us and before I knew it I was sucking his cock again. Grandpa laid me back and ate my pussy so good I came several times but I still needed more. I rode his hard cock while he fingered my ass and I was in heaven. WE made love for what seemed like hours before Grandpa came in my mouth. I really enjoyed myself… I’ve never said Oh My God so many times in my life.

Camille Black After find out what Grandpas been doing with my sisters I figured out just how to get my business going and compete with Dad. I went to grandpas for the weekend and joined him right after he made 100k in the stock market. Seeing how good his mood was I put my plan in action. Grandpa was resistant at first but my skilled hands soon made him putty. I sucked Grandpa’s cock to show how serious I was and inevitably we wound up fucking. Turns out that even at his age Gramps can still cum so getting my money should be easier if I wind up preggo.

XXX That Just Shouldn’t Happen!




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